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When starting to learn to play the guitar
there are a number of different skills and
techniques that need to be mastered. One
of the hardest things is making chord shapaes.


Equally important to getting the fingers
move around chord progressions is
to make & hold rhythms. Rhythm can
actually take different levels of complexity.


It is important to start things off simply
and build out your ability working on
specific areas of technique. One such
area could be the in rhythm area and
a place to look can be at "open tunings".

Open tunings

A quick way to get strumming

Open tunings are as they sound, they are a tuning that is tuned to a specific chord such as open G, open D, open E & open C. In any particular open tuning when the strings are strummed, without making any chord shapes, the guitar will sound like the chord it is tuned to.

For a beginner this can give an instant easy access to strumming and making simple bar shapes and using one or two note patterns to get nice sounds coming from the guitar relatively easily.

For more advanced players open & alternate tunings can introduce certain soundscapes that create unique ambiances, however the step between beginner and advanced takes a good knowledge of the guitar. It is not the just the next step!

A good knowledge and ability of "Standard E" is equally relevant and important, but in the initial process of learning guitar getting some instant rewarding sounds from open tunings can be rewarding & even stimulating.

Maintaining enthusiasm is all important!

Even though open tunings can in such a way offer an instant result there are complexities and if you look into this you might find you like different tunings for different reasons. Tones, sounds, chords & scales take on different meanings in different tunings.

Songs & artists

Open & even alternate tunings have been being used by guitarists for many years.
From the early blues guitarists to guitarists like Jimmy page from Led Zepplin, Kieth Richards from the Rolling Stone & Jimi Hendrix to more present day guitarists.
It's all about creating a tonal ambiance, the mood.
There is no reason why someone beginning the guitar should not look into some of what can be made from open tunings in conjunction to working and learning things in standard E.
It should enhance and stimulate the experience!