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If your are looking for your own custom build, this could be a good place to look!

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Notation Software review

Tonefriend have put together an interesting round up of some the music notation software programs that are around today, the reader thread provides some interesting feedback and unbiased opinions.

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Get a free demo version of Guitar-Pro 6 to check it out, it’s has limited features but gives the idea of what the program can do.


Guitar Rig 5 – Demo Download

Get a free demo version of Guitar Rig 5 Player to check it out, here’s a link to a demo video to get the idea of what you can achieve with this impressive software. Guitar Rig 5 Pro Video Demo

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Korg Mini Kaoss Pad 2

Anyone wanting to explore some creative extra electronic features that swept effects filters and create some new and unique sounds could have a look at this.  Ibanez RG6 Korg miniKaosspad2 Prototype Demo

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An active voice in digital education of music from down under Katie Wardrobe can offer some good tips on how technology can help in learning music today. Her workshops and courses focus on incorporating technology into the music curriculum through a range of creative projects.

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DAWS Line-up

There are a lot of Digital Audio Workstations to choose from. What are there pro’s & con’s can be hard to determine initially and once you get comfortable with a certain program how easy is it to make a change?

Comparison of DAWS

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