Home Studio


DAW Set-ups

There are a numbers of ways to set-up a home studio, central to the whole thing is a “Digital Audio Workstation” DAW.

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Sound Cards


An sound card or audio interface will produce a quality sound and have a number of inputs and out puts to a DAW & the monitors.

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VST, AAX, AU or other plug-ins standards are a “software interface” that integrates additional software with DAWS.

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Recording Guitar


Within any DAW set-up it is important to understand the difference between MIDI and analog.

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BASIC SET-UP – Home Studio’s

To get an insight on how to set-up and run a guitar into a home studio environment the links above cover some of the key areas.
Key to setting up a home recording studio environment to a reasonable standard is a sound card or external audio interface.
A sound card or audio card is an internal computer expansion card that facilitates input and output of audio signals to and from a computer. (More suited to Stand alone computers)
An audio interface on the other hand is an external device that provides the same function, using software to generate and transmit sound to and from a computer. (More suited to Laptop computers, though not always the case!)

At the core of any home studio software set-up will be one of the many DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstations) running on a reasonably powerful computer with a decent amount of storage and RAM.

In conjunction with a DAW there are a wide range of plug-ins (VST, AU, AXX etc.) that can provide a huge scope to creative possibilities.