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This is a place that provides info for guitarists.

This is a place that provides info for guitarists. As well as some basic techniques there is a lot of info on guitar tuning's. Alternate and open guitar tuning's can open up a whole new level of creative outlet. Different tuning's create different moods and ambiances.
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Children's Ministry


Different guitar tuning’s create unique ambiances & expressions, for creative inspiration this can be worth exploring…

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Youth Ministry


Get started with some chords in some popular open & alternate guitar tuning’s and even expand the basic principle further.

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Men's Ministry


Some things you should know & some things are good to know…without killing creative freedom have a look around and see !

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Women's Ministry


Outside of our news posts, here we have marked certain things from the guitar world that can be good to know of…

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Circle of Notes

Find chords & scales
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