A New Chapter for Gibson

Gibson officially exits bankruptcy Gibson is one of the oldest and most iconic guitar brands. It goes back to the origins of the electric guitar and has produced revered electric guitars such as the Les … Read More

Fender Digital – July 2017

guitar education

Fender address “drop out rate” with Fender Digital division Can Fenders online education expand the guitar market? Fender Digital is betting that with a team of 85 producing content designed to inspire and assist guitarists, … Read More

Music Industry – Markets & Sales Data 2014


Image above gives figures in millions of dollars, representing estimated retail sales volume in each region. How the music industry looks today in 2014 One thing is for sure this competitive industry has ridden out … Read More

The World Market for Music Instruments 2014


Lets get down to business… What are the implications of the recent global economic effects on the World Market for Music Instruments? IN 2009 THE GLOBAL ECONOMY SHRANK BY 2.4%, worldwide retail sales of music … Read More