MIDI & Digital Guitar

MIDI Guitar

MIDI is data – Audio is sound Digital Evolution MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface and allows a wide variety of electronic musical instruments, computers and other related devices to connect and communicate with … Read More

VST Guitar AUDIO Software

guitar tones

VST software synths, guitar processors, and audio effects Here is a broad listing of some of the guitar soft synths around at the moment. There is a lot of software for guitar amp & effect … Read More

DAW’s & Audio Interfaces


Digital Audio Workstations A digital audio workstation (DAW) is an electronic system designed solely or primarily for recording, editing and playing back digital audio. DAWs are software running on computers with audio interface hardware. A … Read More

Guitar gaming or learning


Enjoy Learning Programs like RockSmith make guitar learning software both fun and able to be taken seriously as even though they might not constitute the full curriculum within a learning process they can have a … Read More

Guitar Notation Software 2015

Learning, Composing & Compiling There is a wide range of music notation software editors available, finding the right one might take a little time to research. A number of the companies that provide these software … Read More

Guitars & Technology 2015

Guitar Can

Change that makes a difference; What are good solutions? In a world of smart phones and fitness watches how are the classic retro style guitars from the 50’s & 60’s holding up? If you are … Read More

Fender Stratocaster gives us 60 years 2014

Fender Guitar

The Stratocaster guitar has been entertaining us consistently for the last sixty years and its looks, styling and sound are still held in high regard by many. The Strat has been played by the likes … Read More

Fender Strats with digital features

Fender Strats with digital features

2014 saw the arrival of some Fender Strats with an assortment of digital features. Even though the Fender Strat had its’ 60th birthday in 2014 and celebrated this with a number of anniversary models it … Read More

Digital Guitar Tone – amplifier emulation

Rackmount Guitar Effect Processors 2014 Guitar amp/effect emulation is a complex subject but can play a big part in finding great or unique sounds. Avid Pro Tools Eleven Rack The Pro Tools Eleven Rack is … Read More

Wi-Fi Guitar 2014


Determining the differences and the advantages and disadvantages between “Wireless (both Digital & FM) and Wi-Fi and establishing an opinion on whether any form of digital sound replication can offer a competitive edge to an … Read More

Wireless Guitar 2014


Digital & FM Devices Digital wireless systems convert the audio signal into a digital bit stream at the transmitter then convert the bit stream to an audio signal at the receiver. The main advantage is … Read More