GigRig G2 – Proclaimed a “Game Changer”


G2 takes true-bypass switching to an entirely new level using technology never seen before on a pedalboard switcher. The most important difference is the ‘Passive True Bypass Matrix’. This guarantees the most direct signal path … Read More

Useful guitar App’s 2018

What are the guitar App’s that have been popular in 2018? Here’s a look at some of the App’s worth noting. Metronome Tuning Chords Learning Amps Check … Read More

A New Chapter for Gibson

Gibson officially exits bankruptcy Gibson is one of the oldest and most iconic guitar brands. It goes back to the origins of the electric guitar and has produced revered electric guitars such as the Les … Read More

Guitarist’s & guitar tunings


Tuning for sound – What some of the great guitarists have done. Albert King one the early great blues guitarists often used dropped open tunings and also tuned as much as a tone and a … Read More

DO MUSOPIA APPS – Keep beginners engaged?

Similarly to Fenders “Digital Campaign” to address the “drop out rate” other brands are also looking towards digital applications to enhance user experience to maintain engagement. Are digital campaigns going to produce results? It will … Read More

Inspirations in Guitar Tunings

Happily, stumbled on this on YouTube 😉 14 Awesome Songs in Alternate Tunings to play! And then there’s this interesting take on tuning… “We all have been tuning our guitars wrong” | Can you hear … Read More

Learning to Play Guitar

guitar can

Options addressed The Internet has really opened up the doors to a lot of things not least how we can learn to play the guitar. Today there is large YouTube guitar community offering lots of … Read More

Is this the future of Rhythm?

An interesting new device that’s just come out that is worth noting. Can this really help with one of the cornerstones of musical discipline and develop rhythm ability? The Modern Metronome Soundbrenner Pulse Smart, wearable, … Read More

VegaTrem a fresh take on the Tremolo

On the path set out by the Floyd Rose’s revolutionary take on the tremolo in the 80’s where a whole new level of stability and versatility opened up new approaches to playing styles, here comes … Read More